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8 Rules of Civil Conversations

By | source:Here May 31st, 2022

I’ve sat down and had conversations with enough people from all walks of life over the years to know that there’s a lot of really interesting, really smart people out there who think differently than me. And I like that! It’s great to hear about how another person came to their conclusions about the world, and it helps me see things from their perspective—that’s what conversation is for, right? But when we’re not careful about how we speak with each other, it’s easy for conversations to turn into arguments. So here are some rules I try to follow when having a conversation with someone I don’t agree with:

When you are having a conversation with another person who doesn’t think like you, consider these rules.

When you are having a conversation with another person who doesn’t think like you, consider these rules: Be respectful. Treat people as you would like to be treated in the same situation. Be open-minded. You may not agree with everything your partner says, but that does not mean he or she is wrong. If something seems strange or illogical, keep an open mind until you can fully understand it and decide for yourself whether it is true or false. Be patient as your partner explains their point of view on this topic; they may need more time than usual because they aren’t used to explaining things in this way before! Be positive about what’s being said regardless of whether or not it’s something new or different from what has been taught before (even if there isn’t enough evidence available yet). This will help improve communication between everyone involved by making sure no one gets discouraged from sharing their thoughts out loud–which could lead them back into silence again when next time comes around! Yikes…that would suck big time! We don’t want that happening anytime soon so let’s try our best here today.

A great conversation is a beautiful thing. It can be a source of entertainment, knowledge, or inspiration. But it can also be an opportunity to learn something new and expand your perspective. That’s why I think we should all consider following these rules in our conversations with one another—especially those who might have different opinions than us!