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How To Run Like A Pro

By | source: Here Apr 15th, 2020

Running is the preferred form of exercise for many, and there are plenty of reasons why. It is a constant ongoing activity that tests the runner’s stamina while pushing them to their physical limits.

It’s also the perfect cardiovascular activity which can help people to either lose weight or simply stay in shape. Best of all, the requirements to perform this activity are inexpensive and easily obtainable–it’s just your body, your best running outfit, and the great outdoors.

Running is and should be a natural activity for all of us to do, but plenty of us who begin trying to incorporate running into our lives end up obsessing over menial stuff like, “should I clench my fists or should I relax my hands while running?” or “which part of my foot should be the one hitting the ground first?”

As with many things in our sedentary lives, bad posture habits have messed up the most common activities our bodies are naturally evolved to do, and running is (unfortunately) one of them. A bad posture while running not only wastes energy you should be focusing on other parts of your body, but also increases your chances of suffering an injury in critical places like your lower back, knees, and joints.

Learn about what small touches you can add to your current running form in order to maximize your running potential while better strengthening your core and posture. Following these tips will also help you steer clear of an injury that could potentially keep you away from running and other fun activities as well.