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Russian Real Estate Buyers: What Do They Want?

By | source:Tranio Apr 27th, 2017

What I love about this generation is mobility.  I’ve been able to live and work in 5 countries without feeling totally disconnected from my American roots, largely because of the internet.

Everywhere I go, I’m reminded that despite cultural differences, we often have alot in common with others from around the globe.  At the end of the day, a little stability, having a roof over our heads and a place to call home, is everyone’s end goal.

As mobility increases, our communities also become increasingly international.  Most people may not even bat an eye anymore when the family moving in next door is from Spain, China, or Russian.

Today’s sponsored infographic looks at one of the potential reasons your new neighbor might be from Russia or CIS.  Before you ask google, CIS stands for commonwealth of independent states, referring to a regional block formed after the Soviet Union dissolved.

Investors are no longer just looking for high yields, ie the income they get from their properties.  Many look to the US for political and economic stability, property price increases, or they have other real estate, family or business in the country.  Most struggle to find a suitable property, though they may want to look in these cities.