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Seafood is Lifesaving

By | source: Oct 10th, 2014

Some of you might consider the notion that we eat fish because it’s healthy is common knowledge. Not everyone is quite as convinced, though. In fact, some of us are fully aware of this, but pull some impressive mental gymnastics to avoid eating healthy, because we’re all big babies that can’t take care of ourselves. There are plenty of reasons why seafood is good for you shown in this infographic, and countless more that could be be pulled up in a quick Google search. So to avoid redundancy, I’m going to use this space to try and debunk some the excuses we might give ourselves.

The biggest one goes out to anyone that doesn’t live close to water. Some people will actively dismiss eating fish that isn’t “fresh,” but consider the freshness of any other meat you can get in the supermarket. I personally would take a can of tuna over Spam any day. Then, there’s the very contingent fact that fish is more expensive than other meats. This is mostly true, based on what you’re comparing fish to, but the price difference is only marginal and the gap is closing across grocery stores nationwide. Most of us eat out regularly as a personal treat. If you’re already willing to pay the few extra bucks for that, then consider getting the red snapper Pontchartrain next time because that would take a lot more effort and money to make at home than a steak. Considering that I have trouble drinking eight glasses of water everyday, I think eating fish twice a week is actually pretty reasonable.