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5 Reasons To Never Wear Shoes Inside

By | source:Here Apr 17th, 2020

As a child, most of us were instructed to take our shoes off indoors. Well, as we mature you may have found yourself wondering why.

While taking our shoes off before we go indoors seemed like an annoying precaution when we were children, as we grow we begin to learn all of the downsides to keeping our shoes on indoors.

For one, (perhaps the most obvious reason) is the simple fact that you’re tracking the outside world into your humble abode. Various substances from the outside world tend to stick to the soles of our shoes, including fecal matter, germs, dirt, sand, oil, and grease, amongst others. Obviously, we don’t wish to welcome any of this gunk into our homes so it is ideal to keep our shoes off when entering our houses lest we will have to perform an unexpected house-cleaning session.

Another reason to keep your shoes off when going indoors is to prevent major carpet damage. Constantly bringing gunk into your house and grinding it all over your carpet is simply a recipe for disaster and will surely bring accelerated carpet wear.

The two reasons I covered are only two of the five provided in this infographic, so be sure to read the rest and pick up some tips of your own!