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Should I Post This? Your Guide to Social Media

By | source:CKSYME Mar 2nd, 2015

Social media is often used for personal expression; to show special interests, proud moments, something informative, and personal statements. Social media accounts can be an extension of who were are. We live in a time where we can reach more people than in person. It can be tempting to tell everyone everything.

We all know that communication is a two-way street. Once you put something out there, it can be interpreted in any way, by any viewer. Employers in particular take notice of what you post for the public. With either your words or your photos, you can have huge impact on your current and future employment.

The infographic shows that nearly 80% of recruiters check for your postings and frequently reject applicants because of their online presence. The infographic provides a checklist of sorts to guide you in posting the right things. We typically know what is best for us. We all should know what is legal and illegal. What we do know is what is private and what is not. That goes for our thoughts, our whereabouts, our pass-times. If we are responsible and forward-thinking, then we know that not everything we do is for everyone to know.

Our reputations are usually all that we have. They can determine your professional career and by extension they determine the image of your employer.