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Smoking Cannabis VS Vaping It

By | source:imgur Jan 12th, 2016

As cannabis culture continues to exponentially grow, more ways of consuming the plant have come about. Thanks to Colorado for pioneering recreational cannabis in a major way. Unlike Washington or Oregon, Colorado has a much larger and more widely available access to edibles and extracts. Mostly due to a higher market demand in Colorado, but also due the state’s recreational legislature.

Today’s infographic is here to inform the public on the benefits of smoking compared to vaping cannabis. Just like alcohol, cannabis isn’t 100% safe. It can impair judgement, can reduce reaction time, cause anxiety, or induce allergic reactions. Although, compared to Alcohol, it is much more safer to where the side effects listed above only happen to a very small portion of users.

Vaping is obviously better than smoking, although not the healthiest way to consume cannabis. Eating the extracted oils of a cannabis plant is your safest bet to a good time.