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Beware The Master Manipulator

By | source:Here Jan 20th, 2021

Ever had the nasty feeling that you’re being manipulated? All of us encounter manipulation at some time in our lives. There is a distinct difference between influencing someone and manipulating them as this infographic shows.

Manipulators use dishonest means to take advantage of others for their own benefit. They use the other’s vulnerabilities for their own gain. It’s all about exploiting emotions.

People who manipulate others learn their tricks at a young age and many are skilled at what they do so it is hard to spot the behavior. Manipulators want to control others. They will change your deeds and words to suit themselves. In controlling others, manipulators cover their own insecurities, which makes them feel validated and much more powerful.

Manipulators don’t take responsibility for their own actions and will always point to others. If you’re being manipulated, you may even start to believe their narrative and so you may start to question yourself. If caught in the act, manipulators will become angry and defensive and may resort to passive-aggressive behaviour.

Manipulators know how to press the buttons through which they gain control. Manipulation can have serious negative emotional impacts so it is essential to take action to put a stop to it. One important thing you can do is learn to say no and set boundaries. Remember, you don’t need to offer any reasons for declining. Don’t try to defend yourself. The manipulator will turn your defence around and make you start to believe that you are crazy. If you can, cut the manipulator right out of your life. This type of negativity is exhausting.