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Study: The Key to a Successful Demand Generation Campaign

By | source:Annuitas Mar 4th, 2015

“Marketing departments are struggling to succeed with their demand generation. Almost 60 percent of respondents indicated they feel their efforts are not very effective, with less than three percent stating they are very effective.” This fact is the epitome of demand generation campaigns at the moment. The main goal of one of these campaigns is to create quality leads. If a majority of marketing departments feel that their efforts are not very effective, actually gaining quality leads will be even harder to achieve.

Measuring the success of your campaign is almost as important as the campaign itself. Getting real, solid numbers on revenue generation, the amount of pipeline created, and quality leads delivered are three of the most important factors

Obviously having experienced marketers behind your campaign is essential, but the verdict may still be out on whether or not to involve sales in your buyer persona development. Although, only 15% of companies say they have absolutely no involvement in sales. Keeping your marketers attention on the task at hand rather than including sales goals, or incentives could be a smart choice.

Take a look at your demand generation campaign’s progress. Make sure you’re working with smart teammates, setting goals and evaluating success and your next campaign will only be even better.