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Some Stuff About Facebook

By | source: Jul 16th, 2010

Did you get here via Facebook? Of course you did because I spam your news feed everyday with this crap! Well if you want to stop going through Facebook you can sign up for e-mail notifications on the right side of the page. It’s over there somewhere, look for “Subscribe”…Okay fine, don’t subscribe!  See if I care!

I do care, but I see your point. You’re not a fan of e-mails.  You hate how they contribute to global warming and all that jazz. I understand, but while we’re on the topic of Facebook why not head over and “like” the Daily Infographic page? I mean, you don’t have to like like us, just as friends.

Okay, I’ll stop this shameless self promotion or my name isn’t @TimmyWillingham!……OK,  I’m serious this time.

We all love Facebook. What would we do without it? I’d never know when the next Kappa Kappa Gamma party is and I’d also not know what you were doing. Not in a stalky way, more in a non-status update way. I do think it is weird that we broadcast our lives to hundreds, or thousands of people everyday. Who do we think we are — Brittany Spears? I know I don’t have a shaved head……but my brother though…….  As for the good side of Facebook, it has been a breakthrough for local business advertising. Before it was crappy TV ads and fliers. Now they can beast up the side of our Facebook while knowing our likes and dislikes so they can personalize the ad. Kinda creepy eh? Usually I get ones on new CD’s from my favorite bands, but I did get one once that said “50 – 60 year old men are vitally needed for the police force.”  I’m just gonna say it — they missed the ball on that one.
Facebook all day, everyday, 24/7, even Christmas Eve! (You know you do) [Via]