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How To Grow 12 Super House Plants That Also Take Care Of You

By | source:Here Jan 29th, 2018

While most people keep houseplants only for decorative purposes, scientific studies show that certain species of household plants that can improve your health and environment.

I have never had a green thumb, but even so, I like to keep a lavender plant in my room. Being easy to keep alive and having a calming scent, the lavender gives my room a great vibe and is an indispensable part of the décor. However, there is more to lavender than its aroma and looks. Its oil is very calming and can even help you sleep better. No wonder I’ve been so rested ever since I got my lavender plant!

You can also grow plants in your house that you can eat to improve your digestive health. For example, you can mix aloe vera with juice to reduce excess stomach acid and balance your digestive balance. Growing aloe is really simple too.  Just place it next to a light source and water occasionally. Additionally, aloe was also revered as a magical healing plant known as,  the“Wand of Heaven,” so it definitely can’t hurt to keep an aloe plant around the house.

Your home isn’t the only place that can be spruced up with plants.  They can go a long way in the office too. To find out which plants you can use to reduce stress, deter illness, and help with many more things, look no further than this infographic on office plants.