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Sydney Opera House

By | source: Nov 12th, 2013

Today’s infographic is in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House. This is a big deal seeing how it took seven years to construct the model and 17 years to complete the actual building. For me, it’s the most iconic building in the world. I’ve seen it printed so many times it’s as if I know it personally. Unfortunately for me (and I assume many of us) I have never made it Down Under. That said, I have every intention to.

To get into the spirit of this opera house anniversary, let’s talk about the guy who designed it. The name, Jørn Utzon, and his design was found amongst 222 other design submissions after previously being discarded. What!? The infographic also says that he thought of the idea after looking at orange slices.

So check out the infographic. It’s full of random useless information, and we all love random useless information! Then go visit the breathtakingly beautiful opera house in Sydney where it’s technically illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday Sunday (don’t actually know if that’s true). [Sydney Opera House]