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Sys Admins Revealed!

By | source: Nov 27th, 2012

Have you every wondered about the faces behind the IT department? Who fixes your computer and keeps your work day running smoothly. Today’s infographic gives you the inside scoop on some of the handiest employees at your company. Solarwinds conducted a study, revealing the ins and outs of a typical systems administrator.

There are many quirky facts noted in today’s infographic. Did you know that the majority of systems administrators are PC users, Android users and love Batman. They like to hang with friends and family, play Call of Duty on Xbox and drink beer.

Additionally, there are some work struggles facing systems administrators. 22% feel they are paid too little and 16% are concerned about their increasing workload. Fortunately, those going into the industry find satisfaction in helping others and problem solving, so the benefits often outweigh the cons. Are you a systems administrator? Do you agree with the findings? We would love to know! [Via]