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Delicious Recipes To Elevate Your Taco Tuesday

By | source:Here Nov 24th, 2020

You don’t get more traditional than tacos with delicious corn tortillas and perfectly cooked meats. These delightful meals go back to the days of the Aztecs when the wives of farmworkers would wrap tasty fillings into tortillas so that they could save the nutritious meal for midday.

Of course, tacos have evolved over the years and today they probably bear little resemblance to the originals. Traditional Mexican tacos are soft, not hard. They’re also made from corn and not flour tortillas. In some parts of Mexico, the ancient art of making corn tortillas is still followed. The people grind the corn on a stone slab and then after mixing and flattening the dough, they cook it on a hot griddle, which is absolutely delicious.

The fillings too have evolved. Popular choices are still the traditional carne (beef), pollo (chicken), or carnitas (pork), but today you can also get plenty of meatless options like beans, tofu sofritas, or fajitas.

Young Mexican women used to spend years learning the art of making a perfect tortilla. Today, most of the tortillas are made in machines. Nonetheless, filled with traditional hot and spicy salsa and cool green avocado, nothing could be more delicious.

Americans love tortillas, too! In 2017, tortillas took over from burgers and hot dogs as America’s favorite quick food. If you’re looking for filling ideas, you’ll find plenty on this infographic.