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Spending your Tax Refund

By | source: Apr 16th, 2013

It’s tax refund season! The time where we all get our ducks in a row to count our earnings. Or debts, depending. I got lucky this year and squeaked out with a refund, just in the nick of time. I am very proud of this victory, even if my mother had to file my taxes for me. Next year I will file on my own, I swear it!

Today’s infographic sheds some light on consumer behavior during tax season. Those who get refunds spend them in patterns. We have your savers, shoppers, and inbetween-ers. The responsible spenders will pay bills or make car payments with their return, and the frivolous spenders will go on a shopping spree or have a night out on the town. If receiving a return, how will you spend your new sum of money? I will be treating myself to something pretty for my closet and saving the rest, which is pretty responsible in my opinion! [Via]