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Ten Danger Zones For The Mobile Phone.

By | source: Nov 5th, 2011

Even a simple evaluation would show we’re nothing without our phones. It’s frightening how much I rely on a fragile piece of plastic. This neatly compressed hunk of wires and circuits stands as our mecca of entertainment, the capitol of communication.

With it we are invincible. With it, comes power. Boredom is obliterated; we’re completely wired into the world. An unwanted conversation with a passerby can be easily deterred just by the click of a button and total concentration on the screen. But without our phone, we’re at a major disadvantage. We’re placed in a cold world, sans the direct access to our friends and our planner and mp3 player and tip calculator.

If you misplace your phone as often as you lose the remote, the infographic will be very helpful. After seeing a few numbers, I decided to keep an extra eye on my phone. The next time youâ??re at a bar with your friends, or trying on a new shirt at your favorite clothing store, remember that if youâ??re not careful there isnâ??t a one hundred percent chance you walk away with your phone. I donâ??t like those odds. [Via]