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The 10 MOST Modded Video Games of All Time

By | source:Here Mar 9th, 2022

Video game modifications have become increasingly popular in recent years. They add new elements and twists to existing games to give them more longevity and sometimes even completely overhaul the original game.

Did you know that some of the most popular games in the world today originated as mods of other games? The best examples of this are Team Fortress 2 and DOTA. These games started as mods and became so popular that standalone versions were eventually created. Team Fortress 2 was a mod for Quake, and DOTA was a Warcraft 3 mod.

More recently, Teamfight Tactics was created based on the extremely popular mod for DOTA 2 calle DOTA Auto Chess.

While this level of popularity is an exception, many people use mods for minor modifications to their gameplay, such as improving the UI or adding a few new elements to the game. Here are the most modded games of all time.

1. Minecraft

It’s no surprise that the most popular video game of all time is also the most heavily modded. The sandbox style game lends itself perfectly to the creativity of the community.

2. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is another sandbox style game that was created with the intention of being heavily modded. The community did not disappoint and went on to develop thousands of unique mods.

3. Half-Life

Half-Life is a first person shooter that was released with a level-design tool to encourage the community to create within the game. Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat were born in the “Worldcraft” level design tool included with this game.

4. Doom

Doom was a groundbreaking game was it was released in 1993 on MS-DOS. It was leaps and bounds ahead of its peers in graphical beauty. Doom sported the first ever modding community and several of the modders of Doom went on to have careers in the game design industry.

5. Skyrim

Skyrim may be the game with the most active mod community to date. This game has everything from faster leveling mods, to weapons mods, to Vampire mods. Skyrim has brought modding into the 21st century. If you’re a gamer, you may want to check out the best Skyrim mods available right now.