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The 11 Types Of Men’s Shirt Collars

By | source:Here Apr 24th, 2023

Whether you’re trying to dress up or dress down your look, there’s no such thing as a neutral shirt collar. A man’s shirt collar can say a lot about his personality and style—and in some cases, even give off clues about his occupation! For example, a button-down collar says very little about fashion trends but does communicate that you’re probably pretty traditional. A deep V-neck might indicate that you’re trendy and youthful (or maybe just vain). To help make sense of this complex part of men’s clothing, we’ve broken down all the major types of collars so you can decide which one works best for your next outfit:


The classic collar is the most common, and it can be worn with a tie or without. It can also be buttoned down or left open–the choice is yours! This is a great option for every day of the week and any occasion.


The narrow collar is best for men with a narrow face, who want to wear their shirt buttoned up and formal. It’s also great for larger men, as it creates more space between the neck and chest.


If you’re looking for a collar that’s going to stand out from the crowd, then the spread collar is your best bet. This style is characterized by wider points than the neckline and points that are spread apart, giving it an unusual shape compared to other men’s shirt collars. It can be worn with or without a tie (and even with no shirt!). The spread collar isn’t just for formal occasions–it works well with both casual outfits and more formal ones as well.

Button Down

The button-down is the most common type of collar, and it usually consists of a small piece of fabric that folds over the top button. This style can be worn with or without a tie, but it is most commonly used on casual shirts. Button downs are great for summer because they allow air to flow through the collar holes and help keep you cool during hot weather. They’re also good choices when you want your shirt tucked in–the buttoned back keeps everything in place! The only downside? If you don’t like how much skin shows between your neckline and cuffs when wearing short sleeves (like me), this might not be the best choice for you because there’s less material covering up those areas than other collars have available…


An eyelet is a collar that has a hole or holes in it. The holes can be for decoration, or they may be functional, allowing the wearer to attach a tie if desired (or even wear multiple shirts at once). Eyelets are traditionally made from cotton or linen, although modern versions may use other materials like silk and polyester. Eyelets have been popular since they were first introduced during the Victorian era in England as part of high-end men’s attire worn by royalty and other wealthy members of society. Today you’ll find them on everything from button-down collars to turtlenecks–and even vests!

Rounded Collar

Rounded collars are the most formal of shirt collars, and they’re a good choice for men who want to look more serious. They’re also ideal for men with round faces, because they will help balance out their features. A rounded collar can be paired with any type of necktie knot or tie clip, but it’s most commonly worn with a four-in-hand tie knot (the simplest).

Large Spread

A large spread collar is the most formal of all shirt collars, and it’s typically worn with a business suit. You can wear a tie with this collar, or even bow ties or cravats if you want to go for something more casual. The large spread collar can also be worn with a bowler hat if you’re looking for an alternative look!


This is the most formal collar. It’s a good choice for people with longer, thinner necks who want to look more professional and polished. Shallow collars also show off tie knots well, so they’re perfect for anyone who likes to wear their ties at eye level or below their chinline.


The cutaway collar is the shortest and narrowest of all the shirt collars, but it’s still considered to be a more formal option. This type of collar works well with button-down shirts and dress shirts that have French cuffs. The cutaway goes all the way around your neckline, creating a slight V shape at the front of your throat when viewed from above. The sides are straight across without any points or corners in them; this makes for an overall softer look than other styles with sharper angles at their edges (like those found on a wingtip or notch).


The wing collar is a variation of the classic collar. It can be worn with or without a tie and has become popular in recent years because it looks elegant when buttoned down, but also casual when left open. The wing collar works well with any shirt that has a spread or buttoned down style collar.

A man’s shirt collar is an important part of his outfit, but it can be hard to know what style works for you. A good collar should match the style of the shirt and suit. It should also fit your face shape and hair length, as well as complement other elements in your look (like glasses). There are many different types of collars that men wear on their shirts and suits–some more popular than others–and this guide will help you figure out which ones will work best for you! We hope that this guide has helped you learn about the different types of shirt collars and their uses. Remember that there is no right or wrong collar for every man–it all depends on what you like best! If you’re still unsure which style would look best on you, try experimenting with different ones until one feels right.