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The Anatomy of a Chef

By | Jun 25th, 2016

Aspiring chefs take note, here’s the kit and caboodle you need to get familiar with in the pursuit of your dream.

Let’s start with the delicious assortment of hats. The toques, flared or otherwise, are certainly the most iconic of the chef’s hats, but I find that I quite like the style of the skull cap. It looks a bit less encumbering than that tall toque, at least. I’ve never worn either, though, so what do I know. Do you have a favorite chef’s hat? Let us know in the comments.

Most of the chef’s uniform seems to be designed with managing heat in mind, which is almost certainly why most of the hats include a deal of headroom for heat to rise into and dissapate. And I must say that bandana is quite stylish as well.

The tools that chefs need to be able to use, especially the knives, are not as many as you might think. There are only four knives that are listed as must-haves, but they are clearly a versatile bunch. Check out this other excellent infographic to learn more about cooking knives and how to use them.