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The Benefits of Massage

By | source: Jan 16th, 2014

Iâ??m sure almost everyone has experienced a muscle knot sometime in their life. If youâ??ve never had one, consider yourself lucky. That dull, achy pain can really become a distraction and ruin your day.

For some reason, I have a series of 3-5 muscle knots that seem to accumulate along my right shoulder blade. Since I’ve started my new job, my knots have decided to rear their ugly heads and make my workdays extremely uncomfortable. I usually take a 5 minute break just to try and massage my knots out on a wall corner (I get a lot of strange looks for that).

Finally, over Christmas break, I asked my mom to try and work at least ONE knot out. It took a heating pad, massage oil, and 3 days of kneading to get all of 5 of them out. My mom made a comment about working a monthly massage into my budget, and itâ??s something Iâ??m really considering because I feel like a million bucks now that my knots are gone.

Here is an infographic about the benefits of massage for all of you suffering from muscle knots! [via]