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The Costs Of Fixing Your Vision

By | source:Here Feb 26th, 2022

Speaking from personal experience, eye surgery is likely one of those experiences you’ll be less anxious about after the fact(knock on wood).  It’s probably far easier to watch TV than to actively decide to fix your vision. 

LASIK eye surgery has become much more popular over the last 15 years.  Many factors go into that decision. The first,  the safety and suitability of corrective surgery, is best left to individual conversations with your eye doctor.  I’m not going to pretend to be more qualified than a medically trained professional, so we won’t be getting into that!

Surgery does require a large financial investment initially, so why does anyone opt for it?  It’s the dream of the freedom from having to purchase contact lenses and solution for the rest of your life.  The hope of waking up and being able to see the world clearly immediately.  Whether or not you want to be able to see the person sleeping next to you so clearly in the morning is a decision left up to you.

But which is more cost effective over an average lifetime, LASIK or contacts? Comparisons can help consumers weigh the long-term cost benefits of correctional laser eye survey vs. contact lenses. This infographic by Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center highlights the financial costs to inform consumers of available options for improved vision.

Don’t forget that excessive screen time can often strain your eyes and lead to vision problems – check out this infographic for guidelines.