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The Crazy S**t People Search for on Google

By | source: Apr 29th, 2014

Google search has revolutionized how our generation learns. No more apprenticeships or entry-level classes are needed. A quick ‘how do I do _____?’ into a search bar and sites like eHow and countless youtube videos will pop up with step-by-step instructions.

In 2010 I was in a panel at SXSW about how the Adobe Creative team was adapting to the way people were learning how to operate their products. The way people learned the program wasn’t by taking classes or using tutorials anymore. People would now ‘google’ what they wanted to program to do and follow instructions from random people’s forum posts – sometimes using very unorthodox methods to find a solution. Hey, I know that google search isn’t just for learning skills and traits – we all have some stupid S**t we’ve search.

I know everyone here has googled something they wouldn’t want to share with the word. At least try to be surprised about this list you weirdos! “Is Lady Gaga a man?”. What a good question, and it is being asked by 18,000 people a month. For some fishy reason “Why did I get married and “How to win the lottery?” both come in with 40,500 searches every month – is a successful marriage as rare as a winning lotto ticket? Keep on searchin’ you guys. [SearcyFactory]