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The End Is Near: Doomsday, Would You Survive?

By | source:National Geographic Channel May 20th, 2015

If you’re like me then you may have already questioned your survival skills and conjured up survival plans. After watching numerous end-of-the-world movies like I Am Legend and tv shows like The Walking Dead, I thought I had picked up a few skills and tips on what to do in a doomsday situation. If anything, movies and TV have taught me that I am not prepared.

Although it is highly unlikely for a zombie epidemic to occur, it is likely for floods, strong winds, or hurricanes to wipe out your power for weeks at a time. This infographic provides handy tips and facts on how to survive natural disasters. It states that less than 55% of Americans have less than a three-day supply of food stocked in their homes. Three days worth of non-perishable food is what FEMA recommends everyone have prepared for emergency situations. Before food, however, having a sufficient amount of water is the top priority in any natural disaster or post-apocalyptic catastrophe. Like the infographic, FEMA also recommends face masks to filter contaminated air and a basic emergency supply kit filled with road flares, waterproof matches, flashlight, batteries, and more. And like the infographic shows, it may be helpful to surround yourself with others who have valuable professional experience, like doctors or farmers.

By the time the public is hit by a natural disaster or learns about an epidemic, chaos soon follows. By then, it is too late to make preparations. So, be sure to stock up and be prepared for any situation that may occur.