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The Facts on Life Insurance

By | source: Jan 26th, 2013

Fifty percent of all adults do not have adequate health insurance. I can’t believe this, but I guess I’m being a hypocrite as I myself do not own life insurance. I’m just really banking on the fact that I don’t die anytime soon. I know I shouldn’t, anything could happen and I may not see tomorrow.

Trying to fathom that some aspects of your life will continue after you’ve passed is a bit difficult. Leaving debt, funeral costs and other expenses to your family is never a good thing (Unless you hate your family!) But really, funeral costs can be upwards of 20,000 dollars and leaving a spouse to fend for themselves, especially if there are children envolved can be devastating.

40% of American households with children said they wouldn’t be able to meet immediate living expenses if they lost the primary wage-earner. Life insurance is not only a smart thing to have, it is a necessity. The future of your family may depend on it. [Efinancial Life Insurance]