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The Fiery Facts of the 4th of July

By | source: Jul 4th, 2014

The 4th of July has come again. Time to clean up the BBQ pit, make a quick drive out to a fireworks stand, invite over all your family & friends and commence America’s freedom fest. I love the 4th, mostly because I love fireworks. They are beautiful, fun, inexpensive, and explosive – what’s not to love? But some 4th of July festivities can go sour.

Here in Austin, we usually have a huge fireworks show in the middle of downtown, over our lake. The Austin Symphony Orchestra plays a show on the bank of the river and it is fantastic. This year, they decided to move the show out of the city to our brand new F1 racing track. Now, I have nothing against F1, but the Austin fireworks show shouldn’t be a 45 min. drive from Austin!

Well, have fun, be safe, and watch out for rouge fireworks tonight. [via]