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The Harmful Effects of Soda

By | source: Aug 12th, 2010

Ever since I was a little tyke my mother never bought soda at the store. (In Texas we call soda, coke. deal.) I could get it whenever we would go out to eat, but I still never became a big fan of it. My mother would always mix different juices with sparkling water and I loved it.

Cherry Coke was always my number one type of coke. Root Beer and Dublin Dr Pepper a close 2nd. When I was an elementary student I would sneak over to my neighbors house through a hole in my fence and have some deep conversations over ice cold root beer with my neighbor.

I have recently learned that Vitamin Water has as-much or more sugar than coke does. I’ve been drinking Vitamin Water and the knock-off from H-E-B for a long time now. I was thinking I was being a bit healthier, but really the vitamins in the water are not worth the amount of sugar. I’m trying to find something without added sugar so I may go back to the Juicy fruit days of my childhood. I could take my juice box to the gym, or on the bus to show off my coolness.

I say if you are addicted to coke that you should try to move to sweet tea. My personal favorite is the delicious, Austin original Sweetleaf Tea Company. Throw me a Citrus with mexican food and a Raspberry for BBQ and I’ll be happy. Tea is really good tasting and good for you. Don’t be afraid to steep it up. [Via]