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The high price for obesity

By | source: Jun 12th, 2012

Obesity is a large problem in America, encompassing over 1/3 of adults in the USA. These staggering numbers reveal an overall health problem, and contribute to high medical costs. Obesity is, at it’s core, an individual problem. Individuals should actively seek solutions to minimize their weight gain, including a healthy, well balanced diet and adequate exercise. Obesity is detrimental to individual health and self esteem. In addition to grave personal effects, the high medical costs affect both the individual, employer and insurance provider.

Growing bellies lead to growing risks of cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, all leading causes of death. The medical bills associated with these high price-tag diseases, among many other medical complications associated with obesity, total to $147 billion and employers wind up with a 73.1 billion dollar bill. Employers must begin implimenting healthy living tips, offer gym memberships or cater healthy meals.

Do you work in an office that promotes healthy living? As an intern at LIVESTRONG, I am exposed to health at every corner. Our office environment promotes health and exercise, a practice I feel more workplaces should implement. [Via]