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The History of Cheese

By | source: Aug 29th, 2013

“Can I have more cheese please?” I feel like I always ask this question at restaurants. But seriously, how can you ever have enough cheese? It instantly makes everything taste better. I feel so sorry for all the lactose intolerant folks out there, becuase cheese catapults all the best foods to a whole other level. Grapes are pretty tight, but add some cheese cubes, YUM! Breakfast tacos are pretty bomb, but with some cheese added… HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH!

Where did this beautiful creation known as cheese come from? Thankfully, today’s infographic gives us the scoop. Turns out, cheese production began as early as 8000 BC! Check out the rest of today’s infographic so you can prove yourself as a true cheese lover. There is even a discount for some cheese at the end of it! YUM! [via]

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