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The Honorable Guide to Honor Societies

By | source:Graduation Source Jan 19th, 2016

Although their names might fool you, Honor Societies don’t have the party stigma that fraternities and sororities endure. There’s a good reason too, membership in these societies is usually merit based. The interested pupil will need to be in the top academic standings in the university, some are even invitation only.

These organizations focus on scholarly advancement and community engagement more than social interaction. They have fundraisers, events, and members end up helping each other with school or work creating a collaborative environment.

Honor Societies breed leaders and implement skills like financial management, networking and marketing. Many scholarships can be awarded to honor society members as well as help with finding a career path.

Many of the societies trump ethics and morality. Those are some of the core aspects honor societies instill in their constituents. Having experienced, trustworthy, leaders emerge into the job market is something employers are looking for – Honor Societies can train you for just that.