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The Most Important Inventions According to Regular People

By | source:Here Apr 21st, 2017

It is pretty easy to determine what the most influential inventions of all time are if you ask a scientist. They will probably mention electricity, the wheel, the radio, the light bulb, or the internet, etc. Scientists are inventors themselves and they don’t look at inventions the way regular people do.

In most cases, they give praise to the scientists and inventors who discovered the principles of how something works. That is why you will rarely see an inventor putting a mobile phone as one of the greatest inventions.
This is not to say that these products are not important, but scientists see the mobile phone as merely a combination of technologies that somebody already has invented.

With that said, what do you think regular people would place as top mankind’s inventions? This infographic shows just that. Some interesting discoveries have been made in the making of this infographic and it clearly shows how everybody sees the world differently.

Sure, the holy grails of inventions (electricity, the wheel, and the internet (see history here) are present on this list, but who would have expected that the disposable diaper would make the list. Enjoy this insight into the inventions people around the world hold dear to their hearts.