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The New Face of Study Abroad

By | source:WeHostels Apr 22nd, 2015

Apart from the personal development and the bettering of your language skills, international experience is a great way to market yourself to future employers. Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity presented to high school and college students with numerous rewarding benefits.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of American students actually take advantage of this. As a peer advisor at my university and a campus representative for a study abroad company, I have learned, way too often, that this is a recurring theme on campuses across the country. There are several misconceptions about studying abroad which leads students to stay in the States for their whole academic career. According to this infographic, the number of U.S. students choosing to study abroad are rising, and the location and duration of programs are also changing. Compared to other countries, however, these numbers are still significantly low. Money and time are the two biggest concerns that I have encountered students to worry about. I always tell prospective students that there are serveral affordable programs and scholarship opportunities that they can discover just by visiting the study abroad office on their campus. Universities and study abroad companies also offer different payment options and can work with students to find a means to an end. Comparing and researching programs is the best way to find where your international education will take you.