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The Path To A Healthy Pregnancy

By | source: Aug 4th, 2012

I just recently rewatched the Alfonso Cuarón film, Children of Men, the other night. While watching this amazing near-future dystopian movie (made in 2006), I noticed that the main character is wearing a certain shirt that’s associated with an certain event that is bizarrely timely. Those costume department guys are such smarties! But, to digress, the basic premise of the film is that the human race has gone sterile, no single person can have a baby (that is until the plot thickens). So let this infographic stand the test of time, should this movie’s prophecy ever come true! We still got babies, so don’t worry!

Though I’ve never had much experience with pregnancy (for obvious reasons) it is how we all got here, whether we like it or not. It is an essential part of life, and therefore important to know how to do it safely and healthily. The map shows essential things such as ingesting more calories (you’re eating for two, remember) and prenatal vitamins as well as finding an OB/GYN in the first 8 weeks of your pregnancy. The infographic is extremely informative and gives light to small things as well (for instance acetaminophen is preferable to aspirin or ibuprofen, which could harm your baby!). All in all, it is paramount to treat pregnancy with the utmost care and intelligence so that the miracle of life can continue. Even though pregnancy can be a tough position to be in, just be glad that we won’t have to live through a Children of Men situation! [via]