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The Perfect Resume

By | source:Imgur Jul 23rd, 2015

The job hunt can be excruciatingly tedious at times. At one moment you think you’ve got a job after hitting a home run at the interview. A month later you still find yourself unemployed without a call back in weeks. Building the resume that will catch the eyes of the recruiter is crucial. Today’s infographic can help you craft an intriguing resume showing off your assets and attributes in the perfect way.

Keeping the resume short is important. This can mean cutting out some frequent sections like personal interests and hobbies. Making sure the focus is on your experience and contextual proof of your skills. Displaying yourself as a confident team player while convincing the hiring party of your value is paramount.

We all hope we can find our dream job one day. Today’s infographic will hopefully tweak your resume into the path to that job.