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The Positive Impact Massages Have On Your Health

By | source:Here Jan 16th, 2017

There’s nothing quite like taking time to relax. Whether it’s a bubble bath or a glass of wine, unwinding is an important part of life.

A great massage can be a fantastic relaxation tool. Whether you’re stressed or just looking for a way to treat yourself, this infographic on massage therapy will point you in the right direction.

Interestingly enough, women are most likely to receive massages. Only 11% of men have received a massage in the past year.

Some of the common reasons for getting a massage include pain relief, soreness, injury recovery, relaxation and pampering.

Once you decide to get a massage, you have to pick which type is right for you. Deep tissue and trigger point massages are fantastic for tight muscles and knots, while a Swedish or hot stone massage is perfect if you’re having a spa day.

Massages can even help with migraines. Try a reflexology massage if you’re dealing with nasty headaches, and you just might see some improvement.

In case you need even more convincing, check out our chart that shares even more on the benefits of a good massage.