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The Psychology of Music

By | source: Jul 23rd, 2013

Did you know that music originates as vibrations, which form sound waves as they propagate through the ear? That’s certainly not the first thing on my mind every time I stick my headphones in my ears, but the more I learn about music, the more my attachment to it starts to make sense.

The University of Florida put together this infographic below on the Psychology behind music. According to the graphic, music actually involves more parts of the brain than any other human function. It also increases language skills, creativity, and overall happiness (to name a few).

I don’t go anywhere without headphones. I feel like a soundtrack is not just necessary in the movies but also in everyday life. How else are you going to decide between the regular and organic strawberries at the grocery store? Or get through the last mile on your long run? Or clean your apartment, study for a final, wake up in the morning. etc.? Music is a huge part of life, and I, for one, do not want to imagine our world without it. Check out the infographic below. It’s super interesting.  [via]