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The Sleeping Habits of the Rich and Famous

By | source:Entrepreneur Feb 26th, 2015

Who would’ve known Winston Churchill’s sleep habits were actually more similar to the public than Ben Franklin’s. It’s true though. Churchill was a huge advocate for naps. Like many old and young alike, napping seems essential to everyday life.

It does seem like a lot of our world leaders don’t get much sleep at night. Five hours looks like the most normal time anyone can get. Obama’s facts are skewed because he is only woken up early when important things take place. Like if we’re sending a drone to bomb a school, or if our embassy is being overrun by extremists.

Ok, that was harsh. I know America’s leader makes massive decisions that include life, death and acts of unthinkable conclusions. Maybe if the president was granted an entire full night’s sleep, our country would experience more educated decisions when it comes to foreign policy. Possibly not, but our leaders need to have the options to nap.

Napping is like taking a lunch break. It is necessary. It will help you be more efficient at work. A small break for every employee will create a culture which abides to our new generation’s work ethic.