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The Truth About Hoarders

By | source: Jun 9th, 2011

Attention Daily Infographic readers! This is my first post, so go easy on me. While I usually like to be light-hearted and have fun, today’s infographic is a serious matter. Believe it or not, hoarding affects 5% of the world, and that’s a lot of people!

I myself strive for the opposite of hoarding, and I find a truth in the old saying “less is more.” The more possessions I gather, the less I seem to care about each item. However, I will admit that it is easy to get addicted to shopping and collecting.

Based on these statistics, it is likely that many of you reading this follow a hoarding lifestyle. Lucky for you, there are many professionals with psychology degrees that are willing to help you. But if you prefer the cluttered lifestyle and the endless journey to get more, then to each his own. I myself love learning different people’s tastes and thought processes, so I’d like to see some comments on why you like or dislike a hoarding lifestyle. [via]