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The World’s Most Expensive Movie Props

By | source: Jan 3rd, 2015

The world of Hollywood has always been a mystery to the masses. The environment movie stars live in tends to be a trial of ups and downs. Show business is a place that can make and break the biggest stars. Money seems to grow on trees, with movies costing tens of millions of dollars to create. The importance of the movie star has been around since the beginning of film. Marilyn Monroe, the quintessential ‘movie star,’ is our best example of the rise and fall of Hollywood’s greatest.

No surprise that the white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch has the top spot for the world’s most expensive movie prop. Someone paid $4.6 million for that thing. Literally a lifetime of wealth. Whether these stars become sex symbols, powerful influencers, politicians, or the funniest man on earth like the late Robin Williams, tragedy can befall all. The dramatic life of these stars, combined with the notoriety of blockbuster films they lead in, can only create a trail of priceless memorabilia.

Not only do movie stars drive the price up for movie props, movies grant some props with personalities of their own, like Wilson from Cast Away. The Delorean from Back to the Future has compelled fans to seek out Deloreans from around the globe. If only an A-lister would mail me some of their props. I might be a rich man one day. [via]