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This For That: A Guide To Cooking and Baking Substitutions

By | source:Here Apr 16th, 2017

I love baking and eating desserts, but I suck at preparation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a recipe and realized I don’t have a necessary ingredient.

Now that I have this infographic on hand, I won’t have to make frantic last-minute runs to the supermarket.

Some of these substitutions seem more adventurous than others. I can’t imagine rolled oats and crushed bran cereal actually tasting like breadcrumbs, but I’ll trust the experts on this one.

Here’s another fascinating one: Pureed prunes are a suitable substitute for eggs. If you don’t have prunes on hand, canned pumpkin and mashed potatoes will also work. (I don’t think you should go about scrambling any of the above ingredients, though.)

I’m going to be honest––sometimes, it’s worth the trip to the supermarket. Cajun seasoning, for example, requires four ingredients as a substitution. I’d much rather just deal with an unplanned shopping trip, but it’s still great to know.

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