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TOO BLURRY – Which Horror Monster Ruled Each Decade?

By | source:Here Jun 13th, 2023

While in the grand scheme of things, a decade isn’t really that long of a time, in the film industry (and a few others), it’s an eternity. So many things about the industry can shift in only ten years.

Today’s infographic showcases most prevalent type of horror monster between each decade. As each decade rolls around and the last number of the year is finally zero again, different trends in terms of prevalent horror creatures tend to emerge. Starting in the 1910s, each decade of horror films has had a certain type of creature that seems to be synonymous with that decade of horror cinema.

While there is evidently some trends that reappear more than others (looking at you ghosts and zombies), it is still interesting to see how horror films have adjusted over time to play into whatever the audience fears and pays to see between each decade. For instance, the 1980s were packed full of slasher flicks due to the success of films like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

As the 2020s continue to progress, it will surely be interesting to keep note of what trend takes over this decade. If the past is any indicator, we’re likely to see a lot of zombie or ghost movies over the next ten years!