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Top Causes Of Car Accidents

By | source: Nov 3rd, 2014

Okay, hold on for just a minute and bare with me here. Yes, the statistics of this infographic are specific to Australia. However, absolutely anyone that drives a motor vehicle – even if it’s at the bottom of the ocean (alright, alright, that is a rad octopus, but keep your eyes on the road) – would benefit from this information.

Think of it as a philanthropic endeavor! All you have to do is read the facts below, and just like that you’re making the world a better place by increasing your self awareness as to what you can do to avoid a car accident. I mean, come on, you could save lives. Maybe you’re driving right now and reading this, but are reluctant to read any further because you almost just hit the F-150 with the truck nuts in front of you, and feel like maybe you should pay more attention. First of all, you’re a hypocrite for even making it this far and not finishing. Second of all, go ahead and bookmark this bad boy because it is very pertinent info!


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