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Travel Like an Aussie: Australian Domestic Travel Statistics

By | source: Nov 24th, 2014

Australia is high up on the list of places I can’t wait to visit. Cold beer, long drives, diverse climates, colorful language, deadly creatures, unique accents, and a tendency to barbecue. This place is sounding awfully familiar. The only thing my native country of Texas can’t compete with are the pristine beaches of the Land Down Under. To get an idea of Texas beaches (for all of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one) imagine deep, brown, murky water, scratchy seaweed scattered over sand made from crushed shells that cut feet like broken glass, a plethora of trash, and finally a beautiful view of a few dozen oil rigs waiting for their very own BP gulf spill moment.

Ok, maybe Texas beaches aren’t that bad (kind of are though), but Australia has more to offer than beautiful beaches when it comes to travel. Taking a glance at today’s infographic sheds some light on where actual Aussies travel when they holiday domestically. Surprisingly, Tasmania tops the list with half of all visitors going for a vacation. With a strong cultural arts scene, and of course, one of the most unique natural environments on the planet, Tasmania is a destination for family and thrill seekers alike. This graphic also proves that every territory in Australia is worth visiting. With the exception of Western Australia, every territory had over 40 percent of travelers on vacation.

Australia is a country rich with character. Every territory has its own culture and lifestyle. Before you just book a flight to Sydney, do your research – you may be missing out on a whole lot of fun. [Source: Meriton Serviced Apartments]