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Farewell, Fido. Hello, Trendy Dog Names!

By | source:Here Jun 16th, 2019

Names like Fido and Rover may have been the most popular choice for your dog in years past, but that is changing! Just as names of people are ever-changing in popularity, so are those of our pups.

Some of the top 10 female dog names include Lola, Roxy, Bambi, Coco, and Willow, with Bella rounding out the competition at number one. For the male dogs, Bear takes the top spot, with names like Axel, Milo, Charlie, Biscuit, and Buddy not too far behind. For both female and male dogs, Bailey was a favored choice. The moniker reached number five on the female pup side and number six for the males.

In addition to name popularity, the infographic also digs into the positives that pups bring to a family as well as insight on some millennials’ relationships with their furry companions. If none of the popular dog names on this list get your hind leg happy, you may want to check out some of the TV and movie dog names as well as some “geeky” names also listed on the infographic.

Did you see your dog’s name on this list? I’m curious to see which names will be popular in a decade!