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Trick-or-Treat: The Best and Worst Halloween Candies

By | source:Here Nov 1st, 2014

Why didn’t the skeleton go see the scary movie? Because he didn’t have the guts!! Okay, sorry… lame halloween joke. But, just like lame halloween jokes, year after year there are groups of lame homeowners who continue to give away lack-luster candy to trick-or-treaters.

Although I’ve been retired from the trick-or-treating game for a while (and I’m assuming, well hoping, that all of you have been too, unless you’re taking your kiddos around), I can still remember the utter confusion and sheer disappointment I felt after being handed a granola bar or a pack of Necco Wafers to drop into my pillow case on Halloween night. I mean, c’mon man, can I get a Snickers bar?!

Those houses with “good” candy, though. They were a different story. Whether you had a house that gave away king-size candy bars or homemade s’mores, everyone can remember getting excited after going to that one house that gave away the most absurdly awesome Halloween treats. (We had a house that gave trick-or-treaters freshly grilled hotdogs… yes, hotdogs… it was awesome.)

Anyway, regardless of whether you choose to participate in Halloween festivities this year or not, I think we can all agree on one thing: bad candy sucks for everyone. A.) It kills the halloween spirit, and B.) What fun would it be to raid your kid’s Halloween basket only to find packets of raisins and stale Dubble Bubble chewing gum? The answer is none. Check out today’s infographic to compare the best and worst halloween candies.