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Twitter’s Lazyweb

By | source: Jul 11th, 2011

The internet is a hard thing to not like, offering something for everyone. It seems like you can go to the internet for almost anything these days, especially when you have a question. Google of course is the powerhouse when it comes to searching the internet for answers, however it is not the only way. While browsing for an infographic I stumbled upon Twitter’s lazyweb, an option for the person seeking knowledge but too lazy to actually search for it.

The lazyweb is a pretty cool thing, why would you search google and go through link after link looking for your answer when you can just tweet it and get a direct answer. While Google does offer many amazing things, the one thing it does not offer is a direct answer, which at times is incredibly frustrating. While the lazyweb may be more direct and require less work than a Google search it certainly is not as reliable, because it relies strictly on your Twitter followers instead of the whole internet for answers. Meaning the less followers you have the less chance you have of getting an answer, in fact if you have under 100 followers you only have an 8% chance of getting a response.

Although the lazyweb peaked in 2008 the trend it started continues to grow. People no longer use the hash tag #lazyweb, but they have not stopped asking questions, giving people another source of knowledge. [via]

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