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Understanding Car Insurance Discounts

By | source:QuotesChimp May 14th, 2014

Being a 22 year old recent college graduate, and finding myself cutoff from the lifeblood of my parents’ money for the first time ever-I’m suddenly searching for any way possible to save cash. For most of those reading, I’m sure you are too. Keeping car insurance payments as low as possible is one of the more effective ways to do this. But how do you do it? Well, our good friends at know a few ways.

If your last name is moneybags- you can save big by paying your annual premium up front. However there are more ways to save on auto insurance that are a little more accessible to people living on a budget- such as cutting out paper and paying online or driving a hybrid or electric car.

Believe it or not- taking a break from driving can also save you cash. The less you drive, the less you will pay on your premium. Walk or ride a bike, you’ll save money and your thighs will thank you. Also, if you’ve done well in school and maintained a good gpa, get ready for some savings. The same goes for members of the military. Lastly, one of the easiest ways to save money on your car insurance is leaving your insurer. If you hate your insurance company, switch to a company you do like and increase your expendable income. [car insurance savings assistant]

Always remember that you could be paying less- read today’s infographic to find out how.