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The Secret To Balancing Your Home’s Chi

By | source:Here Jan 29th, 2022

You may not realize it, but the way your living space is arranged can impact your mental and physical well-being. Have you ever felt stressed because your room was a mess? This is the reasoning behind feng shui, a Chinese design system that follows energy flow. Feng shui translated into English means “wind water”, and it is dedicated to promoting harmony in your space. 

Feng shui might seem like an intimidating idea because of all the guidelines involved, but if you start one room at a time, the process is fairly easy to nail down. It is always recommended that the kitchen be the top priority when introducing feng shui into the home. This is because the kitchen should serve as a space for socializing and nourishment. Even the color you paint your kitchen is important as it all influences the feel of the room.

There are many more rules and suggestions for each room of the house. Some of them make perfect sense, like banning electronics from the bedroom because this encourages a stress-free environment. Then there are some suggestions that seem arbitrary, like your living room should not be higher than your dining area. Feng shui works together to make the most out of each room in the house and promote positive energy.