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15 Email Hacks To Make Your Next Campaign Go Viral

By | source:Here Jul 13th, 2019

Is email marketing still relevant? Well, the jury is back and email is still one of the most effective communication channels between business and customers. Here are 15 hacks to make your next campaign go viral!

The growth of social media platforms has had many marketers and advertisers claim the death of email marketing. Apparently, there’s nothing further from the truth. Email campaigns can be a big hit or a huge miss — the key is in the content. If the information you’re sending isn’t relevant to your recipients, you’re going straight to the spam folder.

What makes email marketing so effective is that these people voluntarily shared their email with you. This means they’re interested in what you have to offer. Now, your role is turning that interest into sales. This is the advantage over social media, where content is filtered and not every one of your followers will get to see the things you post.

The key to good email marketing is proper list segmentation. In layman’s terms, this means you can’t send the same exact email to everyone on your list. You should select what kinds of content every kind of client should receive. This can be as simple as segmenting it by gender, age, the topic of interest, or it can be as complex as applying different filters and ending up with different lists for every campaign. The world is your oyster! Here are 15 hacks that will pave your road to a viral campaign.