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What Does Your State do Best?

By | source: Mar 7th, 2011

Yay! The weekend is over it is time for another one of those fun and exciting work weeks! Oh well, at least Spring Break is just around the corner, that is if you get Spring Break off. Being from Texas, I have an unnatural fondness for my state, unlike many other states. Something I have noticed about Texans is that there is an enormous amount of state pride, unmatched by many other states. Whether it is because we have such a reach history and such a diverse state or simply because we’re weird it is undeniable that there is a lot of patriotism in Texas.

I never really understood patriotism when I was younger. However now that I am older, whenever someone insults my great state I find myself leaping up in its defense. Patriotism is a word that has lost its true meaning, the world is simply a shell of what it is used to mean. Today, by simply disagreeing with a view you can deemed unpatriotic, it is no longer about having love for your country/state. The reason I speak of patriotism is because today’s infographic is about what each state does best.

Today’s infographic is presented in a very simple manner giving the state name followed by a short description of what is considered to be what each state does best. Some facts are as pleasant as others but there are interesting facts such as South Carolina’s sweet potato production or Virginia’s high amount of high school graduates. [via]

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