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What Is The Motivation Behind Social Change

By | source:Walden University Apr 4th, 2015

Social Change can be defined as action taken to alter the social order of a society. The idea behind social change is that those involved are seeking for the betterment of nature, relationships, institutions, or our behaviors. In most conversations it is in regard to the betterment of others. The infographic tells us that 85% of those who contribute to social change do it for others. For those involved there is a prevalent need to make a change.

In some places like in the US and Canada, the desire stems from the observation that others often need help. In China the belief is that there is a moral responsibility to take care of others. People from other countries have been quoted saying that it makes them feel good to help others. Although Mexico is credited for saying it in the infographic provided by Walden University, but many believe that the message resonates with the other countries that were surveyed.

There is a desire to be a part of the solution because when you help others you help yourself. There is a disparity in the amount of older people and younger people as well as the way men and women who are actively engaged in social change. By finding a cause and having open dialogue we can bridge these gaps and move on to a more equitable and happier future.